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Is This Market Advance For Real?

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The opinion of the market guys (gurus?) I follow is that this current market advance is phony — the result of manipulation. Levin in this video expresses that opinion clearly and forcefully.

Did Governor Mark Sanford Read My Argentina Blog?`

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Mark Sanford is back — he says from Argentina. Did he read my blog entries here and develop a strong case of BA-envy (Buenos Aires)?

It sounds like the devil made him do it.

All you’ve got to do, Mark, is get invited to the weekly Senators lunch meeting where you’ll get a round of applause and all will be forgiven. That certainly would be easier than trying to track down a Catholic priest to hear your confession.

Don’t you just love all the [male] friends who are already speaking up in support of him, many of them in Southern drawls? Oh, and would you get me some coffee, then call Jenny for me and express my sympathy, y’all.

BTW, so far he has said this dear friend was “she,” didn’t he?

Thank Heavens The Prez Will Save Us

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OMG “Kings” Has Sneaked Back


President Orders Colbert’s Hair To Be Cut

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