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It’s Banana Republic Time

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In November those of us who vote, if only by slipping on our slippers, opening another beer and turning the TV louder, have the opportunity to turn “USA NO. 1!!!” into an English speaking Banana Republic (even though Hawaii produces only about 10,000 tons/year — and, yes, it is one of the “50” states).

We will be aided, in fact led, to bring about this political change through the efforts of the Democratic politicians that some of us have been so naive as to vote for in the past, those same brave patriots who are trying desperately to leave the halls of Congress without casting a substantive vote on any (even possibly controversial) bill.

Load up the Senate with the nut cases (following in honorable footsteps) as they run for election from places like Nevada and Alaska. Bring back Steven Colbert and other thought leaders to testify this time before Senate Committees. Put C-Span on your list of cable comedy channels.

It should be a fun couple of years!

Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks

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After Egypt Sequoia and Yosemite parks couldn’t be more different in landscape; although they do get quite warm in the summer.

In addition to links to the many photos I brought back I thought of making ones to the official Web sites for the parks. Instead, I thought information on the California redwoods was likely to be much more interesting.

Inciteful Analysis of Market Anomalies

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A Funny Take on Some Serious S–ff

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Jon Stewart Responds to Fox

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In case you’re one of the five people in the Western Hemisphere who have not yet seen this:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Bernie Goldberg Fires Back
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Anthony Wiener Setting Bill O’Reilly Straight

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If that’s possible:

Jon Stewart on Bill O’Reilly Complete Interview

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Stopping Terrorist Attacks Econ 1

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Since the Christmas Eve fiasco the United States is going to add hardware to peek inside passengers’ undies, add – and God-f0rbid train –  more TSA inspectors and more intelligence gatherers and analysts, hit targets in bad places (read Afghanistan, Pakistan and now Yemen) harder, and in general spend what is fast becoming significant money. Forget for a minute what this will do to the United States Treasury and think of how it will discourage business travel (think longer lines and longer airport delays). Isn’t this playing into Al Quaeda’s hands — actually their playbook where the goal is to break the U.S.A. financially? Will it really make us safer? I know it will make me even crankier at the airport. I’ve started to think of cross-country car trips as an alternative to taking airplane flights.

What if we spent one-tenth of the amounts budgeted for the above endeavors in information campaigns to Islamic countries to counter the misimpression people have of Al Quaeda,

Who Does Obama Think He Is?

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One Version of The Tiger Woods Story

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Granted the on-screen narration here may be a bit difficult to understand…