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They’re All the Same

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A man at the ticket window of a theater asks for two tickets.

The ticket seller asks who is going in with him.

He replies his pet chicken.

The seller tells him he cannot take a chicken into the theater. This makes a problem for the man because his pet especially wanted to see this movie.

He solves the problem by putting the chicken inside his pants as he buys only one ticket.

Inside the theater his chicken is getting too warm, so he opens his pants so his chicken can get its head out.

A girl next to the man sees what he has done and tells her friend to look at that man who’s opened his fly. Her friends tells her not to get upset if she’s seen one before because they all look alike.

“This one’s different,” the girl says. “It’s eating my popcorn!”

Watch Only If You Like Drama

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Time To Revisit This

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Once again we need to be reminded of this (click here)

Best Debt Limit Analysis

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Recent Birthday

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Recently I celebrated another birthday. Folks have asked which one it was. I have to tell them it requires 3 words to tell which birthday it was, and since the middle word is the “F” word I really can’t respond.

Jon Wants To Unfriend Facebook

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Training Film for Republican Congressmen

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Geraldine (Flip Wilson) Interviews Muhammed Ali

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Old Vaudeville Routine

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There were two comedians who had a long running vaudeville routine. One called himself Bad Enough and the other went by the moniker Well Enough. Vaudeville audiences dwindled and the pair fell upon Hard Times (a street not far from “Times” Square). They started squabbling, about money — of course. One thing led to another, punches were thrown, and they finally ended up in court before Judge O. Noyoudont.

After they had finished telling their stories the judge laid a small fine on Well Enough, but he threw the proverbial book at Bad Enough: a $1000 fine, 5 nights in jail and probation for a year. Bad Enough couldn’t understand, so he asked the judge for an explanation of why he had received what he considered a harsh sentence. The judge was surprised by his question, shook his head a few times to clear his head, then looked down at him and explained, “I’m trying to get you to learn to leave Well Enough alone.”

Many Thanks to Flip Wilson of Delightful Memory!

Inciteful Analysis of Market Anomalies

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